Buy Less. Buy Better.

Buy Less. Buy Better. This is conscious consumption and it drives our product development and business philosophy.

Conscious consumption is the process of questioning the actual value of a product that you are deciding to bring into your life: How you will use it now and over time? How was it made? Who was it made by? Do you want it or do you need it?

If you want it - that’s ok! But what we’re asking you to evaluate how a product fits into you life and what is it’s purpose. Is it actually something you need and will get a lot of use out of? Is it something you *actually* love? We’re asking you to avoid mindless purchases. Don’t buy something because it’s a thing to buy - or THE thing to buy in this moment.

We don’t buy into trends, fads, or the traditional fashion seasons, and we’re asking you to consider doing the same.

This would decrease unnecessary environmental waste, and influence more ethical practices in the fashion industry.


Social Responsibility

Our dedication in sustainable practices was influenced by founder Yehua Yang’s experience in fashion after managing manufacturing processes in Asia. Daily, she observed and felt the negative environmental and societal impacts of the fashion industry. Now, we are too well-aware of the negative influences to ignore them.

Pivotte incorporated sustainable practices from the get-go, as it was the only way to reconcile what we love about the fashion industry–the utility, creativity, beauty, with the problems of waste, and environmental and social damages.

We are committed to decreasing our social and environmental impact through our choices in materials sourcing and manufacturing.



We exclusively work with mills who research and incorporate new technologies to reduce waste, pollution, water usage, and other environmental impacts. For example, our signature tailored stretch fabric is bluesign® certified, one of the strictest sustainable textile production standards in the industry!

We chose materials on sustainability factors and on performance qualities that allows for less frequent cleaning–reducing water usage and the flow of harsh chemicals from processes such as dry cleaning. For example, our Merino wool is a naturally odor and bacteria resistant, and our tailored stretch fabric is stain repellant.

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Water Resistant Fabric



Made in NYC 
We only work with factories with impeccable labor practices and we visit them frequently for quality control. All current products are designed and produced in NYC by the industry’s most prestigious manufacturers. These companies develop apparel for top luxury designer brands and they are experts when it comes to tailoring, fit, quality, and construction. We partnered with them because the items they manufacture outlast traditional fashion seasons.


The principle of “quality over quantity” applied to Pivotte means that we promise to produce high-quality, well-constructed, ethical products that a customer can use often and over the long-haul. We will never produce items we don’t believe in. We want to help you build a wardrobe that gives you confidence, and will never add products for the sake of having more or for merchandising. Additionally, we aim to do more with less - designing garments that can be used in a variety of ways, so one pair of pants for example, can replace a few.
Craftsmanship NYC Sample Room

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We take pride in promoting responsible consumerism and following best practice environmental and social protocols. We hope this resonates with you and influences your choices too.