Our Mission


Our mission is to help you build a wardrobe that inspires confidence.

We believe clothing that limits movement or demands too much time or focus, is a distraction that can take women away from accomplishing their goals. So we created Pivotte to help women concentrate on performing their best.

Our apparel is made from materials that provide maximum comfort, are easy to care for, and look great. Your outfit becomes one less thing to worry about.

Comfort means that you can focus on the tasks at hand and the day ahead of you. A polished appearance results in easy outfit coordination and decreases anxiety around dressing appropriately for different environments. We want to get you out the door quickly and stylishly! Easy care means saving time and money from the dry cleaners.


 We put a lot of thought into each one of of products, examining the best fabrics, style, tailoring and manufacturing  that will ultimately advance our mission. And we do this without compromising our sense of integrity and with a drive for sustainability.

We adhere to the highest ethical standards of production, using eco-friendly practices and ethical manufacturing in NYC. An emphasis on quality and versatility means that we create timeless, long-lasting items, set apart from disposable, fast-flying trends.

 Read more about our commitment to ethical fashion.



We’re proving that you can all at once produce functional, beautiful, sustainable garments. It takes a little more a little more grit and a lot more care; but in the end, we know this effort is worth it and hope our customers appreciate the commitment.

We promise to always incorporate thoughtful design into our processes. And, moving forward, to continually evaluate and optimize these procedures. For example, we will continue to explore stronger sustainability channels.

Another promise we make is to always only release products that we back 120% – we will never release sub-par products because of traditional fashion cycles or produce something just for the sake of sale.

We are devoted to instilling confidence in women and emphasize personal growth, goal-setting, and lifelong learning. We hope to do this with a sense of humor and adventure too. Our aim is to support driven women with products that supports these initiatives and allows her to move comfortably through the life she creates.