Pivotte Fabrics: Technical & Stylish

Pivotte works with world-renowned mills to custom-produce high-quality, beautiful, technical fabrics.

Teams of scientists - materials experts, chemists, and engineers are involved in the creation and production of the textiles we use. For example, the development of new fibers and material composition led to the profound quality and stretch & recovery of our 24/7 pants. New weaving techniques created the natural water repellency found in our Bravi pants. And the incorporation of advanced waste-reduction technologies allow us to produce sustainable clothing.

Read more about our commitment to sustainability.

There are plenty of technical fabrics out there. Often garments that utilize these fabrics start to more closely resemble “gear” than clothing. Beyond functional attributes - the materials we choose have the look and hand-feel of every day wear. This is what sets us apart. We mix the comfort, durability, and protection of technical fabrics, with the style, finishing, and clothing more appropriate for daily life. Read below to uncover more information about our special fabrics.

LuxeFit Stretch

Used in our Desk-to-Date Dress, 24/7 Jacket and Pants.

LuxeFit Stretch fabric combines performance and polish.

Custom-produced at the world-renowned Swiss textile manufacturer, Schoeller® Textil, LuxeFit Stretch is an all-season, medium-weight, fabric blending cotton, nylon and elastane. It is bluesign® certified– the highest standard in sustainable textile production.
Key Attributes:

  • Superior Comfort:
    • Stretch that conforms to your body for fit and comfort, and recovery that allows for resistance to bagging out at high-pressure points like the knees and the butt (i.e no saggy butt!). It’s also breathable and feels great on skin.
  • Worry-free: Water and stain repellent with Nanosphere® technology
  • Wear more, wash less: Anti Microbial
  • Packable: Wrinkle resistant
  • Easy care: Machine washable

Briosleek Twill


Briolsleek Twill strikes the perfect balance between chic and sporty.

Similar to LuxeFit Stretch, it was also custom-produced in partnership with the Schoeller® Textil mill, and, like all their fabrics, is bluesign® certified.

The subtle traditional, twill weave is suggestive of classic casuals you’re familiar with; Chinos and Jeans or Denim. However, the addition of performance materials, Nylon and Elastane, make for an entirely different experience. Sporty without sacrificing style (no swishy pants here!), this Briolsleek Twill was designed to take you from day to night and into the weekend.
Key Attributes:

  • Superior Comfort:
    • 360° stretch that conforms to your body for fit and comfort, and recovery that allows for resistance to bagging out at high-pressure points like the knees and the butt (i.e no saggy butt!)
    • It’s also breathable and Moisture-Wicking, and feels great on skin.
  • Worry-free: Naturally water, oil, and stain repellent
  • Wear more, wash less: Anti Bacterial
  • Packable:  Lightweight and wrinkle resistant
  • Easy care: Machine washable and quick dry

 Fluttersilk Merino

Used in our Good-to-Go Cardi, Touring Tank, and Effortless Dress

Our Fluttersilk Merino goes with any outfit and provides seasonless comfort.

We created this custom merino/tencel blend with a prestigious Australian textile company, known for their commitment to using humane shearing techniques and water reduction technologies. Merino wool is the premier natural performance fiber. It’s shorn from an ancient breed of sheep and is superior to normal wool because the fibers are finer and softer. Tencel is a fiber created from reconstituted wood pulp (it’s biodegradable!). The Merino and Tencel blend results in next-to-skin silkiness with natural performance qualities.

Key Attributes:

  • Seasonless, superior comfort
    • Maximum breathability through natural fibers
    • Moisture wicking: Merino wool can hold up to 30% of its weight in moisture and feel dry to the touch. It quickly wicks moisture away from the skin and is quick-drying.
    • Heat regulation and body temperature control: Pockets of air between merino fibers provide insulation between you and the environment, resulting in a more evenly maintained body temperature.   
  • Anti-odor and antimicrobial
    • Natural oils found in wool fibers naturally prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing.
    • Additionally, the wonderful moisture management of merino wool create less opportunity for odor-causing bacteria to proliferate
  • Packable: Lightweight and wrinkle releasing
  • Easy care: Machine washable