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Leaping with Suitcase Pivotte makes the best womens pants on the market today.

We’ve all been there—tugging at stretched out pants, re-adjusting our trousers constantly, or feeling pinched by restrictive, unflattering fabrics. Uncomfortable pants kill both comfort and confidence.



We believe women’s clothing shouldn’t be a distraction. In fact, it should help. We started our line based on this belief and initially poured all our resources into crafting the ever-elusive pair of perfectly-tailored black pants: the 24/7s.

The 24/7s have now sold out four times.

We’ve since grown the pants collection to offer The Bravis, Ventures, and Vivis. Each pant best serves a different circumstance - but no matter which pair you choose, these are pants you can work—and live—in.

We offer style without pretension: Everything is polished, comfortable, machine-washable, and iron-free.

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founders seated

We are childhood best friends with a shared love of design—and a shared hatred of women’s pants.

Co-founders Yehua Yang and Evelyn Frison were first introduced as roommates at a Math and Science boarding school where they later, ironically, collaborated on a Fashion History & Design senior thesis project together—never once imagining this was the first touchpoint in a future business!

After attending different universities, they found themselves in NYC pursuing separate careers, Evelyn in Advertising and Yehua in Fashion. Demanding schedules necessitated clothes that could keep up, but they found viable options lacking. While commiserating, a light bulb went off: Why not join forces to solve this issue?

Thus, Pivotte was born, guided by the mission to fuel women’s success through beautiful, functional clothing that inspires confidence.

Pivotte is a women-owned, women-led business utilizing sustainable materials and proudly made in NYC.


At its core, Pivotte is a women’s functional luxury brand. We create beautiful, functional clothing for work and beyond.

Everything we design is about beauty and brains: Yehua previously designed red-carpet attire for stars like Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Kim Kardashian. With Pivotte, her vision is to mix elegant tailoring with technical elements. We use advanced fabrics from Switzerland, Germany, and Japan and seamlessly integrate functional details to add polish to our pieces.

The result is feminine and clean, elongated silhouettes that can be worn everyday, everywhere.

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