#WEREWITHHER: Hillary Clinton Directly Influenced the Launch of Pivotte.

Tonight, we stand with Hillary.

We stand with her for all the same reasons that drove many to the polls today donning pantsuits and wearing #imwithher stickers with pride (we wore both!).

But we also stand with her because we’ve been with Hillary long before she ran in this election. Having been direct beneficiaries of her educational reform policies and other initiatives, we know firsthand what positive changes her vision and leadership can accomplish for individuals, and for society at large.

We, Yehua and Evelyn, met at a STEM-focused magnet high school (we met as roommates!) born from Hillary’s educational reform policies in Arkansas. Recently, an old classmate of ours wrote about the school and the overarching educational strategy here:

Hillary Clinton’s legacy on STEM is why anyone still uncertain should give her their vote.

In a nutshell - access to this school provided opportunity.

Opportunity for students to envision successful futures and be granted the tools, knowledge and discipline to fuel their path.

This was an opportunity for two young girls to broaden their views, challenge themselves, meet like-minded people, work hard, get creative, gain new responsibilities and independence, and of course, gain the educational foundation needed to be successful adults. A focus on problem-solving was encouraged and high standards were expected.

*Fun fact - We completed a senior thesis project together on the history of fashion, never dreaming this would somehow come back into play more than a decade later!*

Beyond high school, we’ve followed Hillary’s journey and have always considered her a role model. We’ve been moved by her ability to think big, step out, work hard, and get things done. Our experience at a school she helped create, and the inspiration we find in her leadership shaped our views of what was possible and drove our ambition to become entrepreneurs.

So taking our very personal, positive experience with Hillary’s causes, and scaling that to the nation, we know that she is the right candidate for the presidency. We voted for Hillary because we want her to continue creating opportunities for more people.