Stylish, Sleek Thermoses and Travel Mugs

Winter is coming, which we don't take lightly. To survive impeding "nor'easters," we're on the hunt for gear that will get us through comfortably, warmly, and in style. The cross section of Form AND function is important to us, and we applied this criteria in choosing travel mugs. 


*Highly recommended*

We have several Zojirushi products and can attest to the high quality. This thermos keeps things warm for a long time - even overnight! Sleek and durable to boot, it is our top choice.


Beautiful, but difficult to find information on besides the Moma Store's website and review. We haven't tested it - although it's tempting.

Snow peak

Our friends have said great things about this brand, although we haven't tested it ourselves. 

Thermos brand 

Comes in a variety of colors, is sleek, and wallet-friendly. A solid choice.


Also comes in a variety of colors, and we love the completely streamlined look.