The Future of Women Wearing Pants

The Future of Women Wearing Pants

In From Horse People to Hillary Clinton: A History of Women Wearing Pants, Katy Steinmetz points out that pants literally freed women to move. This is undeniable, and we’re glad we get to live in a time (and country) where you aren’t questioned for wearing pants as as a women. Now that the basic hurdle is covered, we wondered: What’s next for women wearing pants?

Given new technologies, modern manufacturing processes, and advancement with materials, pants can be made better (fit, quality, comfort, etc) –and in some ways can even make YOU, the wearer better, or at least more efficient/protected. What do we mean? Read our take on the future of women wearing pants below.

Exoskeleton Pants

Normally, exosuits are associated with high-level military experiments that test the use of giant, bulky, mechanical suits that help wearers lift intense amounts of weight and go extreme distances in incredible time.

Currently, a sort of lightweight model, in the form of a comfortable pair of pants have been undergoing tests. These pants help reduce fatigue and injuries. During testing (walking and carrying weight), participants' hips, knees, and ankles were all working significantly less while the exosuit was on.

This has positive implications for those with weakened muscles or physical impairment. For example, arthritis may affects a person’s ability to walk (and by the way - women are more prone to certain types of arthritis). Perhaps, with something as easy as a pair of pants, an afflicted person could maintain mobility, have a higher quality of life, and be self-sufficient for longer. In another example, perhaps these pants could give someone a little extra boost when doing laborious tasks - things associated with elder care/caregiving (which more women than men take on) such as lifting someone in and out of bed.

We aren’t sure when this will be made commercially, but given the benefits, we hope it will be available for those who need it soon.

Anti-Zika Pants

For the upcoming summer olympics, South Korea's athletes will wear tracksuits, long pants and blazers infused with insect repellant designed to keep mosquitoes away, warding off Zika. This is made possible due to advancements in textile productions. Here, a synthetic chemical is actually woven into the fibers, creating a barrier for insects.

Insect-repellent clothing might be a great investment for those women who are unable to avoid traveling to areas with high risk for Zika.

Pants That Optimize Workouts

Leggings with built-in resistence, made by Physiclo  help athletes & runners train more efficiently.

Workouts can be really difficult to squeeze into already-demanding schedules that many women have, so we appreciate the focus on efficiency. A description in their own words: One of the main challenges with working out is not having enough time, so our answer was to make the most out of the time you have.

This is a great example of form, function and technology working together. We can get down with that!

Pants That Don’t Compromise

We as women seem to have a complicated relationship with pants. The utility of pants is undeniable, but comfort, quality, flattering styles, and other factors vary widely. And in choosing a pair - one feels like you must have to compromise one thing over another. But that’s not how it has to be!

Given advancements in textiles, and an increase in the knowledge of smart design, we knew there had to be way to incorporate everything we wanted into a pair of pants. Developing a custom, advanced tailored stretch fabric was the foundation of being able to hit key qualities for a pair of pants that could support an active woman. These pants have it all - functionality, performance, style, fit, and comfort. Specifically:

  • Functionality: 4 pockets

  • Performance: Water, stain, bacteria and odor resistant. Requires less frequent washing!

  • Comfort: 4 way stretch - AND excellent recovery. We have the technology to reduce the dreaded butt-sag! Also, a wide waistband for additional comfort.

  • Easy maintenance: Throw them in the washing machine

  • Eco-friendly: Bluesign certified fabric for less environmental impact

We love our 24/7 Pants and invite you to check them out. New styles are slated for release later this summer.