The Best Women’s Pants for Work and Beyond

Why Women's Work Pants

We offer items across categories, but moving forward we're focusing on making and releasing the best women's pants out there. 


Because our customers are asking for different styles to fit various scenarios and lifestyles. They are expressing frustration that despite all the options out on the market, there is a real lack of beautiful, functional pants (and pants with useable pockets!).

Pants is where we are seeing the biggest need. And it’s important that this need is met.

Not only in a practical sense, but because for women, pants are symbolic of freedom and equal rights.

A Brief History of Women Wearing Pants

Did you know it was ILLEGAL for women to wear pants in public in our not-so-distant past?

Anti-vagrancy laws forbidding “cross-dressing” existed well into the the late 20th century in the US. Women were actually ARRESTED for wearing pants in public!

There are many examples of women openly defying the norms by wearing trousers, in attempts to just do their job (i.e. female laborers, doctors, etc), evade the gender pay gap,, or just have the same comfort and freedom of movement afforded to men.

It wasn’t until WWII that it became more commonplace for women to wear pants. Women wore their husbands’ civilian clothes while the men were deployed. This, unsurprisingly, coincided with the increase of women entering the labor force which was also due to war-time necessities.  

By the way even when it was “legalized” - women couldn’t wear pants on the Senate floor until 1993.

It’s important to note the strong correlation between pants and work, and between pants and men in these early adoption cases. Pants and work were both inextricably linked to men, and therefore, off limits to women.  

Women’s vs. Men’s Pants

Now of course, more “freedom” has been “granted” to women regarding style of dress (albeit - women face more scrutiny in dressing for work (esp women of color) - a discussion for another time) and wearing pants isn’t out of the ordinary. In fact, there are an incredible amount of options on the market.


Despite all those options - we couldn’t find pants that we really wanted, needed. Something comfortable, but beautiful. Tailored, but easy-care. Something that fit the modern lifestyle of our friends and colleagues.

You know where we did find these characteristics - in men’s pants.

Pants that offered comfort, freedom of movement, a polished style, were easy to take care off, and lasted a long time.

In a small way - we saw this as an example of inequality. Why are men given these options - and women aren’t? Why are women’s pants so poorly tailored? Why do we have to spend time and money dry cleaning the ones that are nicely tailored? Why are there fake or unusable pockets?! The list goes on.

Pivotte's Pants for Work and Beyond

We took on what we saw as this inequality in clothing. We surveyed women and researched new technologies, fabrics and construction techniques that might fit their list of desires.

The initial result? The 24/7s pants. The most highly technical, tailored and versatile pant that exists in women's wear. Wear it from the office to the plane, to a meeting the next morning - and even to the great outdoors! Special features include water/stain/dirt resistance, 4-way stretch and excellent recovery, and generously-sized, hidden pockets.

From the launch of the 24/7s, we’ve grown to offer other styles based on feedback from customers and women, and the various scenarios they list in which a pant is needed or wanted.

Now we have a pants capsule: 4 machine-washable, designer pants that reflect workday to weekend activities. Each pant has it's own distinctive, flattering silhouette and is created in a custom, technical fabric that provides a luxe look, ultimate comfort and machine-washability. Modern, designer details and functional pockets round out the features.

We’ve added additional color-ways, and we have plans to expand further - offering different rises, silhouettes, fabric options and more. As we expand the line, we will continue to create items with luxury design and quality, easy-care, and comfort as priorities. We do this for, and in support of the bad-ass woman who pursue work and activities beyond.