Post Women's March: Staying Engaged and Taking Action

One of our goals, or 2017 resolutions, was to be more politically engaged. We kicked it off by attending the DC women's march, and since then, have read books (Between the World and Me, Hillbilly Elegy– summaries to come) and articles, and attended events. We were lucky enough to secure an invite to a Breakout session for women interested in politics. Meghan, the Head of Partnerships summarized our conversation with the resource list below. We wanted to share it in case it motivated others to stay engaged and take action.  
Online Resources
  • Issue Voter: Receive targeted alerts before Congree votes, send your opinion directly to your rep, and track your rep's votes and bill outcomes.
  • Turbo Vote: Receive election reminders, get registered to vote, & apply for your absentee ballot!
  • Swing Left: Find your closest Swing District and join its team to learn about actionable opportunities to support progressives—and defeat Republicans—in that district, no matter where you live.

Upcoming Events:*These events have already passed, but we wanted to share to show you what we're on the lookout for!