Solution to Stretched-Out Women's Jeans

A question in the Forever 35 facebook group (check out their podcast!) recently caught our eye: 

Hey folks! Fashion question here: I have a pair of jeans that fit literally perfectly when they're fresh out of the dryer, but after wearing for a few hours just completely stretch out and end up being a good size or two too big and really unflattering. I don't want to get rid of them, but they're definitely not working for me at the moment. Is it worth getting them taken in? Any tips?

This caught our eye because we can relate to this feeling – most women can. We’ve all tugged at stretched out jeans, worried about butt-sag, and been cut across the stomach due to tight jeans (do you know the elastic trick?).

We don’t know about you guys – but we hate the feeling of being restricted by pants in any which way – too tight, too loose, hitting at the wrong spot – whatever it is.

Don’t’ get us wrong – nothing else provides that downtown “cool” or “rock and roll” look better than jeans. Our take? Keep one or two pairs on hand for nights out on the town, dates, or other events with a scene. 
The rest – donate them. And replace them with comfortable pants you can wear 90% of the time.

We actually created the Bravi in response to what we see as awful women’s jeans. They are created in the same style of the classic 5-pocket jean, but offer way more comfort given the technical fabric. We can be seen wearing them around town, or while we travel (they are the best travel pant!). It comes in a straight leg and cropped version.

Besides the Bravi, there are other great-looking jean replacement options, including leggings (kind of digging this leather pair), trousers, and other stretchy pants.
We encourage you to experiment with different styles and find the freedom that comes with avoiding women’s jeans and bad pants in general.