Pivotte's 24/7 Comfortable Work Pants in Shiseido's 'Hanatsubaki"

Pivotte crossed the ocean and made its first international and print magazine appearance with a placement in Hanatsubaki,” a corporate culture magazine issued by Shiseido.

To be honest, prior to inclusion, we hadn't heard of this magazine, but we're so glad to be introduced–it's a stunning publication that highlights fashion, lifestyle and cultural trends. 

Since its first issue in 1937, “Hanatsubaki” has held up the ideal of “Inspiring a life of beauty and culture.” It's been delivering hints to enable people to live their lives richly and beautifully through not only visual materials such as photographs and graphics but also reading materials such as essays and novels. 

Pivotte's 24/7 pants were included in an article about innovative brands, next to the Elvie breast pump, Clue - a period and ovulation tracker, and others. 

We're honored and excited to be a part of it. Before we forget, check out their beautiful instagram.