Pants with Pockets - Who Would Have Thought?! Pivotte X Fast Company

Pants with Pockets

Pivotte was recently featured in Fast Company "Yes, even your pockets are sexist. These startups are fighting back."

Elizabeth Segran (one of our favorite journalists of all time by the way) writes about the pocket disparity - and uncovers the history and evolution of women's pockets in clothing. 

Apparently, women have bemoaning their lack of pockets for the past two centuries (!), but still - the vast majority of adult women’s clothes don’t have thoughtfully designed pockets. For many of these women, the fact that men are entitled to pockets and women are not is yet another example of male privilege.


For starters, women who carry handbags have a distinct disadvantage compared to men who hold everything in their pockets. Women toting a bag don’t have their hands free, so they are not as mobile. 

From the beginning, we thoughtfully incorporated pockets because of that very thing. We're big advocates of being "hands free" when possible.


Segran observed that we thought about what women actually want to carry around with them in their pockets and continues with: 

"Together, Yang and Frison have designed four pairs of trousers. If you scan through them on the website, you’ll see pockets everywhere. In the brand’s popular “24/7” slacks, there are four generously sized pockets that are all subtly incorporated into the garment so they don’t stick out on the sides, which would ruin the body-hugging silhouette. In the Vivi leggings, there’s a sleek side pocket that serves as a cool design feature, but also holds an iPhone. The loosely fitting Venture trousers has a whopping six pockets."

The article goes on to highlight other examples of the "pocket gender gap" and other interesting historical points. 

We are thrilled to be included! Read the entire article here