Live on Everup – #Stressbusters: Leaning on Community and Friendship in Times of Stress

Pivotte's co-founder Ev was recently featured in Everup's, #stressbusters campaign. 

See it here: #StressBusters: Leaning on Community and Friendship in Times of Stress. 

The campaign is meant to bring awareness to the issues of stress and offer insight into the many, and sometimes unconventional ways, people manage it. Stress is one of the most prevalent health issues in our society and the underlying cause of many emotional and physical ailments. 

In the article, Evelyn describes the types of stressors encountered in daily life, and different ways of managing them. She walks us through her most effective methods, including relying on her community (friends who listen and give feedback). exercising on the regular, taking a walk, or switching gears completely and doing an activity that is totally different from the one in front of her. 

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