Efficient Workouts: A Review of 3 Fitness Apps

Workouts for Busy Women - Ev's Take

I love working out and moving around. But I also do not want to spend any more time in the gym than necessary. I want to go in for a quick session, then get a move on the rest of the day to focus on work and explore other meaningful activities.

Here's what I know about getting a short, effective workout in: The number one thing is to go in with a plan. You will waste time otherwise.

Don’t want to piece a fitness plan together yourself? Neither did I. So over the last few weeks, I tested various fitness apps. Short reviews are below.

Kayla Itsines 

  • Pro: *28 minute workouts = no excuses.* Also, the app provides both nutrition and exercise plans - making it more holistic. There is a social component to the program, a chance to connect with others, but I haven't explored that yet.
  • Con: The meals are supposedly easy, and they do appear that way. However, they are still too high maintenance. For ease, I tend to eat the same breakfast and lunch everyday.  I’ll write about that in another post.

Nike Training 

  • Pro: This app has several different kinds of workouts to choose from depending on your goals. This means it’s easy to mix it up when you feel like it.
  • Con: At the same time, having several workouts to choose from makes it a little harder to navigate - how do I know what is good for me? Also - this doesn’t have a nutrition plan. 

Gymnastics Bodies 

  • Pro: I like the focus form and building long-term strength. You can complete a great workout in a pretty short amount of time - depending on how many modules you are using.
  • Con: The program is not intuitive - you'll have to do a lot of background reading to set set up properly. For me, it was easy to get frustrated with this program. If you plateau for what feels like forever (and you will at some point in this program), it’s hard to stay motivated.

Check out these programs! I’ve found them all helpful at different points in my year and life. As I get more familiar with them, I may start to create a personalized, mixed plan consisting of app workouts, other workouts with exercises not found in the apps, and sports like tennis and rock climbing. In the meantime, I will note that the Kayla Itsines one seems best for those that want this part of their life on autopilot.