1 Pair of Travel Pants, 8 Days of Ecuadorian Adventure

This post is really just one giant self pat-on-the-back for making the 24/7s–pants that are apparently as useful in the city as they are in the amazon rainforest. Read on to see why Ev brought them to the Amazon, and pick up a travel tip or two along the way.

Ecuador Destinations

I’ve traveled a lot, but I have never taken a trip where the climate changed so drastically day-to-day, even hour-to-hour as on a recent trip to Ecuador. One day, I went from wearing a tank to a puffer!

The Ecuador itinerary (from Gate 1 Travel) included stops at the places listed below. These places don’t seem that far apart. However, these regions all have very distinct weather patterns.


  • 2 nights Quito
  • 1 night Otavalo
  • 1 night Papallacta
  • 2 nights Punta Ahuano (Amazon)
  • 1 night Banos

    Hands Down, The Best Travel Pants 

    The 24/7s went through mild, hot, cold, hot AND humid, breezy, rainy, cloudy, and sunshine-filled weather. And they were worn for a week straight including flights, without being washed.

    The 24/7s never lost their shape, never bagged out, and never felt gross. 

    Here’s the thing: They were as functional as a pair of Patagonia pants worn by another traveler on the trip. But looked way sleeker. When it was raining, her pants were actually less resistant. #WINNING.

    Ecuador Activities: Sightseeing & Hikes

    To get more insight, below is a list of actual activities I put the clothes through. The 24/7s (and our other items like the cardi and tank) remained comfortable, didn't look out of place, and protected me against the elements in some situations (rain).

    • Sightseeing
      • Walk the colonial section of Quito
      • Visit the Middle of the World Monument
      • Meet a local Quechua family in Punta Ahuano (Amazon)
      • Valley of Patate - walk around and take in the view
    • Hiking
      • View the beautiful waterfall in peguche
      • Hike near the Termas de Papallacta
      • Hike in the Misicocha Private nature reserve (Amazon)
      • Hike around the powerful El Pailon del Diablo or “The Devil’s Cauldron.” One of Ecudor’s most beautiful waterfalls

    Ecuador Travel Tips

    • Don’t spend that much time in Quito – it’s not worth it.
    • Don’t’ spend much time at the Otavalo market – stores and the market in Quito have more stuff and it is higher quality (quality not quantity people!)
    • Hike in the Misicocha Private Nature Reserve. Spend more time here if you can.
    • Eat the trout and/or other fish whenever it’s offered. This goes for ceviche too.
    • Hike in Papallacta – pretty stunning, with views of a volcano, interesting plants, and a stream.
    • Visit the powerful El Pailon del Diablo or "The Devil's Cauldron", one of Ecuador's most beautiful waterfalls
    • Places you must stay (if in the area): Hacienda Manteles in Banos, and Termas de Papallacta