Do It: Make Time for Personal Reflection

Do It: Make Time for Personal Reflection

If you’re like us - you try to make the most of city life, taking advantage of all it has to offer and/or you try to get the most out of your day. This means cramming activity after activity into a given week until it’s fully booked.

We advocate staying busy, productive, and exploring new events and activities! But we also realize that in keeping a schedule like this, one can fall prey to staying busy for busy’s sake (being busy does not mean you are actually being productive), and using the concept of a packed calendar as an excuse to avoid doing some things that might actually be good for us.

Our take away from The Busy Person’s Lies is “there’s time for it all.” And we were reminded of that while reading OnTheRacks’ Laura Ellner’s recent post “For No One.”

Here, she writes a refreshingly honest post about love, relationships, reflection and personal growth. It’s a lovely piece, because it’s real and relatable. This is the kind of post that can provide comfort to those who found themselves in similar situations. It’s also motivating because you can see here that she took the time to think through the past few months, even years, in a way that is helping her move forward. We appreciate that effort, to take the time to look back and evaluate what you’ve done, said, and created, and maybe even failed at. It’s the only path to growth! This exercise is important in many areas of your life, for instance, whether you are assessing work performance or personal evolution.

So, using this post as inspiration, we encourage everyone to set aside time for personal reflection and “me” time. Schedule it in your calendar if you have to, but remember to do it!