Building Your Capsule Wardrobe: Start with Stretchy Dress Pants

As you complete your spring cleaning, which undoubtedly means you’ll be analyzing your wardrobe, it may be a good time to consider the capsule wardrobe

Not sure what we are talking about? In short, a capsule wardrobe are the items that become the foundation of what you wear. It’s made of really versatile, timeless, classic pieces that you can build on with color, prints and patterns to create different looks. A capsule wardrobe is based on the philosophy that less is more, and to shop more intentionally (our values!). This system can organize and streamline your life - it simplifies getting dressed in the morning so you can focus on more important things.

You don’t have to convince us that Life is easier with a capsule wardrobe.
We originally started Pivotte based on the concept of having clothes that could keep up - and having a wardrobe based on reliable pieces we’d reach for every day.

The Washington Post’s article (above) on capsule closets lists out items you may want to start with. What’s at the very top? “A couple of pairs of pants.” Pants make every list, and to get more specific, black pants, as mentioned by Real Simple

There is nothing more versatile than great fitting black pants. Easily dressed up or down - they are the #1 most important wardrobe staple for any woman.

But all black pants are not created equal - so the question becomes what *type* of pants? Over here at Pivotte, we believe this all-important item should maximize the cross-section of versatile style and comfort as much as possible.

Man Repeller seems to agree With Stretch Trousers Just Might Save Your Wardrobe, in which the writer outlines why she is obsessed with stretchy trousers. They “resemble a casual black work trouser but feel like leggings,” which results in a put-together aesthetic cloaked in comfort.

The benefits of tailored-but stretchy pants is something we’ve been advocating since day one. Our launch was built around the 24/7 pants. They look like they belong in an office, but given the technical functionality (stretchy and water resistant to name a few), they also work as your “run around town” pants, your travel pants – and even hiking pants.

Since the launch of the 24/7s, we’ve gone on to offer the Bravi, Vivi, and Venture pants. They are all different styles and cuts, therefore serve various purposes, but the one thing that remains consistent is the attention to form, fit, function (pockets!) – and comfort.

If you’re thinking about building a capsule wardrobe, or refreshing your collection of “essentials” – start with the black pant.

Some things to think about when choosing pants:

  • Make sure it’s a great fit and is comfortable. Tip: Avoid creases or pouches of fabric across the front of the pants when you put them on. And choose a size that’s comfortable when sitting.
  • Consider the environments in which you want to wear it. Just work? Outside of work? Is your workplace more formal or casual?
  • Make sure it fits your style. Think about what you will most often pair with the pants, from tops to shoes.

We believe that the heart of the capsule wardrobe is the black, stretchy dress pant. Regardless of what style you go with, make sure it’s the thing you can reach for day in and day out!