Snow Day Shopping with a Feminist Mindset

Shopping with Feminist Mindset

Normally, we don’t let bad weather get in the way of our daily activities and goals, but storm Jonas is really f*cking things up. The travel ban, combined with the fact that everything around us is closed, is derailing our schedule. However, being the adaptive personalities that we are, we’re changing directions - dare we say “pivotting” - and reorganizing our plans. And those plans include cozying up on the couch, eating comforting food, and shopping online.

Given that we don’t advocate blind consumerism, before we began browsing, we gave ourselves a task: To shop as conscious consumers, and specifically, with a feminist eye. Below are the guidelines we followed through this lens.

(photos via @trevor@ballin from instagram)

Buy things that expand your brain.

  • Books! We recently purchased:
    • Drawing Blood a memoir by Molly Crabapple - an artist turned witness journalist.
    • The Misfit Economy: Lessons in Creativity from Pirates, Hackers, Gangsters and Other Informal Entrepreneurs
  • Become a member of Gimlet Media
  • Subscription to Learnvest - Financial Planning

Support women-led startups!

Just a small examples of services and products we like:

  • Away: Smart luggage
  • Vrai & Oro: Fine jewelry without the markups
  • Espalier: Alluring, active-lifestyle apparel

Wear your message:

Additionally, we think that supporting minority-owned businesses and buying products from companies that don’t use toxins harmful to women (and people in general) is important. We’ll continue the discussion in posts to come.

What guidelines would you add?’