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Re-introducing Pivotte

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For those of you who have followed Pivotte’s journey, from kickstarter launch to successful campaign, through production, and now to a fully-fledged business–we thank you. For those that might be new, welcome! A brief intro:

Pivotte is stylish, multifunctional clothing.

It’s clothing made for any woman who appreciates the intersection between form & function, but especially for those on-the-go. Meant for every-day wear, the collection is held together by unrestricted movement, effortless style, easy care, and impeccable quality.

Connecting The Dots - Our Blog

We’re starting “Connecting the Dots” to share our insights into the main areas of our lives: Travel, work and play. 

This may include discussions on city living, on-the-go lifehacks, and adventures in travel and other cultural pursuits. Discussions around building and sustaining a career will be central to our conversation. Additionally, we’ll discuss fashion and the things and people who inspire us.

The blog allows us to examine topics important to us, and hopefully important to you too. It’s a destination for those who crave a rich, full and varied life. Save us in your bookmarks, and don’t forget to sign up for our email (at the bottom of this page)!

And we encourage you to share too! Your feedback is important to us! Leave a comment online, email us (hello@pivottestudio.com) 0anytime, or connect with us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram.


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