Backpacks for City Life

City Girl Backpacks

Everyone we know seems to be on the hunt for a great backpack, so we’re rounding up our top 6 choices here. What we looked for:  

  • Simple, versatile pieces that function as “everyday” bags
  • Neutral colors that would go with a variety of outfits and outerwear (see pt.1)
  • Space for a laptop
  • Low-maintenance - something you’re not going to be scared to knock around or actually put stuff in.

Read below for a list of backpacks that are stylish and functional - i.e. perfect for city life.

Knomo Beaux Backpack - $350

Best features: Great combination of luxury (leather), slim profile, and functionality.


Mz Wallace Metro Backpack - $245

Best Features: Lightweight and packable.


DKNY Classic Backpack - $290.94 (on sale!)

Best Features: Classy and goes with everything


Ally Capellino Wiggo backpack - £185

*currently sold out, but you can get on the waitlist!

Best Features: All-weather and padded inner compartments for all your valuables.


Michaux Ara Backpack - £249.00

Best Features: Can roll out into a bigger pack!


Want Les Essentiels Piper Backpack - $895

Best Features: Not cheap - but look at this thing! Quite the sophisticated beauty. This can be found in other color-ways on the site and Barneys.