Putting the Merino Touring Tank to the Test with Wanderlust, My Way

Four Days & Beyond in the Same Touring Tank:

Wanderlust, My Way caught our attention because of Monique’s focus on creating travel plans for different budget levels. We love adventure, and support those who make it more accessible.

As someone who runs her own lifestyle site, prioritizes travel, and works as a Budget Consultant and Digital Content Creator, Monique is constantly switching gears and is always on-the-go.  We thought - who better to put our Merino Touring Tank to the test? Breathable and wrinkle resistant, the tank can be worn several times and resist bacteria and odor.

What happened when Monique wore our Touring Tank four days in a row? Spoiler alert - the tank does more than just “hold up!” 

Read the full post here. Oh! And enter her contest to win one for yourself!