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Connecting The Dots

Post Women's March: Staying Engaged and Taking Action

motivation political action political engagement politics resolutions women in politics women's march

One of our goals, or 2017 resolutions, was to be more politically engaged. We kicked it off by attending the DC women's march, and since then, have read books (Between the World and Me, Hillbilly Elegy– summaries to come) and articles, and attended events. We were lucky enough to secure an invite to a Breakout session for women interested in politics. Meghan, the Head of Partnerships summarized our conversation with the resource list below. We wanted to share it in case it motivated others to stay engaged and take action.   Online Resources:  Issue Voter: Receive targeted alerts before Congree votes, send your opinion directly to your...

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Pivotter Series: Scientist Kristen Koche on Ambition, Motivation, and Productivity

ambition motivation productivity women in science women in the workplace women who work

The Pivotter Series explores the themes of ambition, motivation, and productivity as experienced by high-performing women. Kristen Kocher, Senior Research Associate in the lab of Dr. Valerie Hu (Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine) at The George Washington University in Washington, DC What are some of the most important things to know about you? Science fascinates me, cooking relaxes me, coffee keeps me going, and all dogs are my best friend. Why do you do what you do? I would love to say that there was some big, dramatic event in my life that drove me into the field of biomedical/scientific...

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12 Documentaries For 2017

12 Documentaries For 2017 We’re kicking off 2017 with a documentary list (similar to our reading list) with content that will expand our worldview, satisfy our general curiosity and drive our inspiration. Follow as we make our way through and help us update the list with recs via twitter! Pumping Iron This 1977 documentary follows the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger on his pursuit of his sixth bodybuilding title for Mr. Olypia. It will definitely motivate you to make and keep your fitness and health resolutions! 13th In this thought-provoking documentary, scholars, activists and politicians analyze the criminalization of African...

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12 Books to Kick Off 2017

book club books new year's resolutions resolutions

12 Books for 2017 Our reading choices reflect our values of lifelong learning and personal growth. In gearing up for 2017, we’re building reading a reading list that will expand our minds and educate us on a variety of topics. We created the list to gain: Actionable insights for personal growth and increasing confidence Business insights Expand our worldview and enhance our understanding of 2016's events Satisfy our general curiosity and educational drive Inspiration through great biographies and other literature With that criteria in mind - here is our first 12 books of 2017. Follow as we make our way through....

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Live on Everup – #Stressbusters: Leaning on Community and Friendship in Times of Stress

ambition anxiety confidence managing stress motivation on-the-go personal growth pressed for time productivity stress time management women in the workplace women who work

Pivotte's co-founder Ev was recently featured in Everup's, #stressbusters campaign.  See it here: #StressBusters: Leaning on Community and Friendship in Times of Stress.  The campaign is meant to bring awareness to the issues of stress and offer insight into the many, and sometimes unconventional ways, people manage it. Stress is one of the most prevalent health issues in our society and the underlying cause of many emotional and physical ailments.  In the article, Evelyn describes the types of stressors encountered in daily life, and different ways of managing them. She walks us through her most effective methods, including relying on her community (friends who listen and give feedback). exercising...

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